Black Man Forced to Leave Restaurant for Wearing a Large Cross Necklace


The question one will have after reading this story is was the restaurant’s policy racist or anti-Christian? The preacher involved thinks it was a matter of racial profiling.

Last month, Jerry Bond, a black man, was out with friends, one a minister, at Kilroy’s Bar & Grill when a bouncer came over and told him he had to remove his large cross necklace. He was told it was too large. Look at the photo, does it look too large to you?

“And then they said well you gotta remove your necklace, this one because they said it’s a large necklace,” Jerry Bond said.

“The bouncer comes back over, really bad attitude, [and says] ‘We’re going to ask you to either tuck your necklace, remove it or you have to leave,” Bond said to WRAL. “I’m not going to tuck my cross in because of my beliefs. I believe in wearing this cross and what it represents.”

Bond says he left while friends stayed behind to talk to the manager about what happened.

The Kilroy’s vague dress code is posted at the entrance.

For jewelry it says” no large chains outside of shirt.” Minister David Latimore spoke to the manager in person and sent the owner an email to further discuss the policy.

Minister David Latimore asked the manger, FOX8 reported, “So, I asked him, ‘what is a large necklace? What does that mean? What size is large?’ He couldn’t tell me.”

The minister even posted a video that’s been viewed nearly 40,000 times. He claims his friend was singled out because they noticed other people with larger necklaces on.

“It was a horrible situation and I mean it was embarrassing just to go somewhere and try to enjoy friends and company and get embarrassed like this for no reason. It’s like I was just singled out for no reason,” Bond said.

Kilroy’s owner won’t give a response to anyone, not to the media, patrons, no one. Latimore said he followed up with the restaurant in an email asking about the policy and the incident, but received no response.

The minister and others protested outside Kilroy’s recently.

“If you have business in this city [Indianapolis, Indiana] you should treat your customers a certain way and for us to turn a blind eye to it and continue to treat customers this way it’s just not right,” the pastor said. “It’s something I won’t stand for.”

Mr. Bond Addresses the Issue:

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Walter Lahmann
Walter Lahmann
5 years ago

i’ve not heard of a dress code that bans “large necklaces” before. I searched the internet for a description of Kilroy’s dress code, could only find casual as a description. Even articles about this incident don’t have an actual dress code statement. This could be either a racial or anti-Christian issue, it’s hard to tell, but either way it’s some kind of bias on the part of Kilroy’s ownership. There are many negative reviews on their food, service, attitude and more; some positive ones. This man’s chain is not one I would consider large, so my guess is that is an atheist issue more so than racial….

5 years ago

I suspect it wasn’t racial and it wasn’t about a necklace “too large.” More than likely it was about the cross itself and smart money says the bouncer is an anti-Christ.