Black man loses it on ‘protesters’ blocking the road


Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong tweeted out a video of a Black man in Austin trying to get to work when the ‘protesters’ kept him from traveling on the highway. He got out of his car to tell them to get out of the roadway. He started out calmly and ended up using colorful language.

“Hey look, I understand the___. I appreciate it, but I got to go to work, I’m Black,” the man said. “I got to go to work. I got bills. I got kids. Get the f_ out of my way. I’m about to air this b_h out. I got to go to work.”

Austin is the most left-wing city in Texas, although other cities in Texas are close.


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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

Of course the protesters wouldn’t let him pass on the highway. Letting a black man go to work makes the rest of them look bad!