Black-owned coffee shop firebombed outside Seattle


In Washington State, a black-owned coffee shop was burned by arsonists. The shop was targeted by at least one alleged arsonist who threw Molotov cocktails at the building just one day before it was supposed to open for business.

The alleged arsonist or arsonists threw “several” Molotov cocktails or similar incendiary devices at the rear wall of Black Coffee Northwest, roughly 12 miles north of Seattle, around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ryan Abbott told the Seattle Times.

Black Coffee Northwest is described on its Facebook page as “a locally owned Black business” that serves as a cafe and “community hub.”

Shoreline Fire Department shared photographs of what it described as an intentionally set structure fire at the building.

Black Coffee Northwest later announced it would be postponing its originally scheduled opening, which was slated for Thursday, according to the Times.

The shop has since posted on its Facebook page, in support of Black-owned businesses and the Black Lives Matter movement. A fundraising video was later posted on the business’ Facebook and YouTube pages.


Supporting the communist BLM mob is a requirement. It’s like hush money, although the owners are big supporters. They’re capitalists who support a Marxist organization.

Co-owner Damesha Weary seems to think it’s racism. It could be or it could be the Marxists.

“The physical damage is small, but the message is clear,” said co-owner Darnesha Weary.

“It wasn’t like a little note on the door,” said co-owner Erwin Weary. “They were really trying to do some major harm and damage.”

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Skid Marx
Skid Marx
3 years ago

It was just an idea according to gropey Joe. The capitalist pig shop owner businesswoman comrade Darnesha just had some undocumented redistribution of property for the good of the collective.
After all property is theft and this businesswoman hasn’t she made enough filthy lucre already?

Police aren't easily fooled
Police aren't easily fooled
3 years ago

Plausible it’s another Jussie hoax.