Black People Associate US Flag with White Racists?


If the ladies in the clip below are to be believed, black people have known forever that if there is a US flag outside someone’s house, they know the person is a white “MF” racist. That’s what the two ladies are saying. It’s a sad state of affairs when black people associate the flag with white racists.

The racists were Democrats during Jim Crow. You had to be a Democrat to join the KKK, but Democrats successfully rewrote history.

Democrats often say they associate the US flag with conservatives whom they have vilified as racists for decades. It has done damage to our society.

Every time the media tears down America, you get people saying things like this. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the fault of divisive white liberals (leftists).

There are racists on the right and left, and many black people are racist. It was getting until Barack Obama came along.

Our educational system in the inner cities is no bargain either. DEI is making all of this much worse as they bring in millions of non-white people and tell them all white people are racists.

We can’t survive as a nation like this.

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