NY Times Is Out of Control and Insane


The New York Times editorial on June 28 stated unequivocally that they would vote for a senile president over Donald Trump, who ran the country quite well while in office.

“If the race comes down to a choice between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden, the sitting president would be this board’s unequivocal pick. That is how much of a danger Mr. Trump poses. But given that very danger, the stakes for the country and the uneven abilities of Mr. Biden, the United States needs a stronger opponent to the presumptive Republican nominee. To make a call for a new Democratic nominee this late in a campaign is a decision not taken lightly, but it reflects the scale and seriousness of Mr. Trump’s challenge to the values and institutions of this country and the inadequacy of Mr. Biden to confront him.”

They vow to endorse a president who is not competent or of sound mind.

The Times asked six of their columnists who they want to take Biden’s place should he resign.

Lydia Polgreen: Kamala Harris ‘Does Very Well in Going Up Against Bullies’

I’m Lydia Polgreen, Opinion columnist for The New York Times. Like many of my colleagues, I think it’s time for Joe Biden to bow out. And I believe that the best person to replace him is Kamala Harris.

This is an existential crisis. We cannot survive another Trump administration. Preventing Trump from winning the presidency, I think, has to be the paramount goal.
Nicholas Kristof: ‘Gretchen Whitmer Is the Best Biden Alternative’

I’m Nicholas Kristof, and I’m here with a case for Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan.

It’s all about abortion for him.

Ross Douthat: Joe Manchin Would Be ‘the Most Moderate Candidate’

I’m Ross Douthat, and I’m a columnist for The New York Times. I’m here to make the case that the Democrats should nominate the senator from West Virginia Joe Manchin.
Much of the Democratic Party and many of my friends in the media are convinced that this election has almost existential stakes for the United States of America.

He thinks Manchin is close to the center when he’s way on the left.

Pamela Paul: Wes Moore Could ‘Energize the Electorate’
I’m Pamela Paul, an Opinion columnist for The New York Times, and I’m here to make the case for Wes Moore as the Democratic candidate for president.
Wes Moore is far-left and Marxist.
David French: Josh Shapiro Would Be a Choice Americans Can Feel ‘Unambiguously Good About’
I’m David French. And I’m here to make the case that Josh Shapiro should replace Joe Biden on the top of the Democratic ticket.
Until 2016, I was a Republican. I’m still conservative. I’m a conservative in the Reagan conservative mold. So it is very unusual for me to be giving any kind of advice to the Democratic Party. However, I am of the belief that Donald Trump needs to lose in 2024 for the health of the country, for the health of our Constitution and for the health, honestly, of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

He thinks he’s conservative, but he’s lying to himself.

Shapiro, a first-term governor in Pennsylvania was the secretary of state who illegally helped change election laws right before the 2020 election.

The Times Thinks They Can Lie to Further Their Truth

The Times wants to abandon family and our freedom of speech. They lie constantly. They have an opinion piece up today that says religious values are not American values. Are the Times’ values American values?

They unabashedly lie.

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