Powerful Effort to Ban Anonymous Posts, Sue Tech Companies


The co-founder of NewsGuard fact checkers could end up dismantling the Internet. Although they claim they are protecting us from disinformation and misinformation, they are actually surveilling Americans and censoring them.

Co-founder and co-CEO Steve Brill claims NewsGuard is an unbiased fact-checking website of news sites. It isn’t.

NewsGuard is currently under investigation by Congress for possible First Amendment violations.

NewsGuard is now prominent thanks to our leftist government. They are on the level of a government NGO. You can find them on the pages of the AFT ((American Federation of Teachers) newspaper.

It is now a powerful part of government censorship.

Co-founder Gordon Crovitz served on the George Soros-funded Journalism Advisory Board. They are reportedly friends.


According to Reclaim the Net, NewsGuard now wants to end anonymity on the Internet. Anonymity is America’s right under the First Amendment. It also protects people from authoritarian attacks by people like NewsGuard and the ruling US government.

Individual and company security is very important, and anonymity protects them. NewsGuard wants to ban anonymous posting online and fund media literacy programs. Reclaim the Net writes that social media platforms are not fully under control, which actually means their users and voters are not as well.

Brill is reported as saying it would be “easier to sue tech companies for the false content posted on their platforms” and “waging legal campaigns against social media companies for violating their terms of service.”

The fix is probably in.

Brill and the rest of the left get to decide what qualifies as misinformation and disinformation, which is mainly what they don’t agree with or like, with exceptions.

Brill seems willing to dismantle the Internet itself to get rid of what he calls misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation. He’s ready to destroy free speech.

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