Black student group at Rice U demands segregation


A student group at Rice University in Houston, Texas, is “demanding” the administration fund a “non-residential , segregated Black House” on campus. They are also insisting the university remove a prominent statue of the university’s founder.

George Floyd’s death is an excuse for college students taught by Marxists to demand changes based on Black Lives Matter policies.

There is a call for a “Black House” in a Facebook post on Rice’s official Graduate Student Association (GSA) page, written by Rice graduate research assistant Dani Perdue.

“Here are what black undergraduate students have demanded from Rice Universuty [sic] administration,” Perdue wrote. “I hope they are listening! #NoMoreLipService #blacklivesmatter.”

The post also insists on the removal of the iconic statue of the university founder William Marsh Rich.

Also on the list of demands: more black professors, well-being counselors, and therapists, hate speech incorporated into Rice’s code of conduct, and more black students.

The Rice Black Student Association (BSA) has published a long list of demands, including that “If a Black new student requests to have a Black roommate [during orientation week], that request be honored.”

The residential house they are demanding will have the features of a residential college but will accommodate only black students and black organizations.

Jim Crow is alive and well.

Moreover, the students assert, “course descriptions should include tags that indicate what race/ethnic/cultural groups are included since many course titles do not make it clear if they include diverse perspectives in their course material.”

This is a divisive move and it’s definitely on the Marxist Black Lives Matter wish list.

After students commented , actively rejecting the idea, those comments started to disappear, Fox News reported.

Eventually, the demand list disappeared also, but Fox put it on Scribd:

Tangible Ways to Improve th… by Fox News on Scribd



  1. Rice is supposed to be an elite private university so you know these racist bums are on scholarships. All these jerks are doing is tearing apart all that MLK worked for and along with BLM are turning King’s “dream” into a nightmare for those living today.

  2. These racist losers forget that after college, you will have to work with people of all colors and creeds. You want your own home? Move to Africa where you can be with your fellow losers.

  3. Finally some good news!

    By all means, Rice should give the students their Black house, and Black dorms, and then make sure all the Blacks enrolled are sequestered there.


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