BlackRock Recruiter: “War Is F*ing Good for Business”


If you take a non-cynical view of business leaders, don’t. This exposé from James O’Keefe shows just how soulless they are. In the clip, a BlackRock recruiter explains to an undercover reporter how to buy a politician and how “war is f***ing good for business.”

BlackRock is one of the world’s leading asset and investment managers, which owns significant shares of companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, META, Target, Procter and Gamble, Comcast, CNN, Fox, and, yes, Pfizer, just to name a few.

In today’s part I exposé, James O’Keefe’s undercover reporter speaks to a Black Rock recruiter, Serge Varlay. Varlay explains how BlackRock “runs the world” and “decides peoples’ fate.”

At one point during the discussion, he asked the woman he was speaking with if she was an undercover reporter because normal people don’t ask these questions.

The Story

Varlay explained how the companies buy politicians, and they come cheap.

“You can take this big f*** ton of money and buy people; I work for a company called BlackRock…It’s not who is the president, it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president. You could buy your candidates. First, there is the senators. These guys are fuckin cheap. Got ten grand, you can buy a senator. I’ll give you 500k right now. It doesn’t matter who wins they’re in my pocket.”

War is good for business. Ukraine is good for business.

“I give an example. Russia blows up Ukraine’s grain silos. The price of grain is gonna go mad up. The Ukrainian economy is tied very largely to the wheat market, global wheat market. Price of bread, you know, literally everything else goes up and down. This is fantastic if you’re trading. Volatility creates opportunity to make profits. War is f****ing good for business.”

“It’s exciting when s**t goes wrong, right? Black Rock manages $20 trillion. It’s incomprehensible numbers.”

Serge says all this is above a normal person’s understanding.

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