Blakeman: “We Can’t Control the Numbers Coming In, They’re Committing Crimes”


During a House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Management and Technology hearing last week, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman (R) said communities and law enforcement agencies on Long Island are experiencing a serious crime wave by migrants who need money to pay back the cartels. If they don’t, their families back home will be harmed.

“We have seen an increase in crime, basically because you have these organized gangs that are part of the drug cartels from Mexico and other countries who have come to the metropolitan area,” Blakeman said.

“They’re residing primarily in New York City, and they do cross-border crime. I think common sense people realize that the problem is that we don’t know who’s coming in. We can’t control the numbers, and they are committing crimes.

They are also creating burdens on our young people that are devastating. In the United States, over 65,000 young people have overdosed on fentanyl. Where is it coming from? It’s coming from south of the border, and many of it is coming from Chinese nationals. I read today that there were 24,000 Chinese nationals who were detained at the border. Those are the ones that were detained. How many got through?

We need to secure our borders to make sure that we know who is in this country … this is taking away resources that we desperately need to take care of our own citizens.

Blakeman said Nassau County law enforcement has seen a rise in illegal aliens committing residential and commercial burglaries. Their goal is to pay back the Mexican drug cartels that helped smuggle them into the U.S. in the first place.

“Some of the patterns that we’ve found on the burglaries of residential and commercial properties have been done by migrants who came here through the current migrant policy,” Blakeman said.

“They’ve come here owing the cartels a great deal of money to transport them over the border, and if they don’t pay that money, I’ve been told that their families would be seriously harmed if not killed in their native country,” he continued. “Therefore, they need quick money, and they need to get it fast, so they’re engaging in all kinds of crimes — burglary, shoplifting.”

“It has become a burden on our police department. And I just want to supplement that what happens in New York City also has an effect in Nassau County. We send hundreds of thousands of people into New York City each day from Nassau County. So, if there’s a diminution in the ranks of the firefighters or the police officers, it presents a safety problem for Nassau County residents. Many of the firefighters and cops live in Nassau County, so it’s a problem for us as well as New York City.

County Executive Blakeman believes every illegal alien who commits a crime should be deported.

Rep. Goldman is a complete disgrace. He bought his seat with his inherited wealth and will defend anything that damages the country. Democrats are still behind open borders.

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