Blaze Media Host Alex Stein Rips Brittney Griner In the Airport


Brittney Griner was heckled by a social media influencer named Alex Stein, who hosts a Blaze media show called Primetime.

Brittney Griner, who used to ban the national anthem at her games, was playing basketball in Russia. On her way back, she tried to smuggle some cannabis out. It’s against the law in Russia. She spent nine months in a Russian prison and was traded for the Merchant of Death. An imprisoned Marine was left behind in a Russian cell.

Fox News said Griner was the victim of an “inappropriate” action by a social media “provocateur” named Alex Stein.

I’m not too fond of this sort of thing, but if anyone deserves it, it’s Black Lives Matter Brittney Griner. She now lets the anthem play at her games. Griner said she feels differently than she did and won’t kneel during the anthem. We will probably never know if she means it.


Stein was walking beside Griner and other members of the team in the airport when he asked Griner why she “hates” and “still want[s] to boycott” America.

Security pushed Stein away, and then another team member called him “weird.”

“I’m weird? Why? She hates America,” Stein replied.

“What about the Merchant of Death, Brit?” asked Stein, referencing Viktor Bout. He’s the gun dealer known as the Merchant of Death.

He asked her if it was true she slept with Vladimir Putin.

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