Alex Soros Takes Over George’s Empire But He’s “More Political”


George Soros, 92, handed over his kingdom to his son, Alex—the 37-year-old Alexander promises to push more than $1.5 billion yearly to back liberal causes and far-left candidates.

He embraces the faux voting rights issue and pushes the most extreme abortion “rights.”

Alex has already visited the White House 14 times in just over a year and met with big-name Democrats.

The Clintons helped bring George Soros to this country.


In December, the OSF board elected Alex as its chairman, replacing his 92-year-old father.

He now directs political activity as the president of Soros’ super PAC and is the only family member on the investment committee overseeing Soros Fund Management, the group that oversees money for the foundation.

The Soros’s nonprofit, Open Society Foundation, already directs about $1.5billion a year to groups that back human rights around the world and build democracies, while also funding various universities.

And the family’s super PAC, the Democracy PAC, has backed the election campaigns of woke district attorneys and other law enforcement officials seeking to reduce incarceration rates and perceived racial bias in the justice system.

I guess we can expect him to buy elections, sheriffs, DAs AGs, and anyone else he can use to destroy the country. These are people who have no loyalty to the USA.


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