Blinken cable: policy of US is to promote ‘racial equity’ and ‘global racial justice.’


Secretary of State Anthony Blinken sent a cable to embassies to fly the Black Lives Matter flag in honor of George Floyd and the anniversary of his death. Black Lives Matter is a communist-anarchist organization. As for George Floyd, as unfortunate as his death was, he wasn’t a saint.

Blinken announced in the cable that the policy objective of the US govt is to promote ‘racial equity’ and ‘global racial justice.’ He is talking about critical race theory.

Equity is racism and racial justice is a form of Marxism. It is in direct opposition to the objectives of the United States Constitution which are protecting freedoms, individual rights, and, most of all, equality, not equity or critical race theory.

He also furthered the lies about police brutality. There is some police brutality, but the real problem is black-on-black crime. The reason for the attacks on the police is the Left wants to destroy policing and federalize it.

The latest assault comes from Rep. Maxine Waters who wants to take away the police’s qualified immunity. Without that,  the police can’t do their jobs at all.

And why are we concerned with global anything given all the problems we have here in the United States?

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