Investigative science editor discusses the origins of the virus with Levin


The former investigative science editor for the NY Times, Nicholas Wade, spoke with Mark Levin last night on his show, Life, Liberty, and Levin. Wade provided clarification on the latest findings of the origin of the coronavirus. He wonders why the media didn’t run with this story.

Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Laboratory and Eco-Health Alliance worked to increase the lethality of coronaviruses to study how they might turn into dangerous human pathogens. This is chain-of-function research. They did use NIAID funds.

The level of safety at the Wuhan lab was only a 2 out of 4 with 4 being the best.

Fauci’s organization, NIAID, gave grant money to an intermediary, EcoHealth Alliance, for the purpose of testing and creating more coronaviruses. Mr. Wade said it is a legitimate, even obligatory line of investigation for Dr. Fauci to follow, especially after the previous SARS epidemic.

Wade seems to think Dr. Fauci has a different definition of chain-of-function and that has led to his saying he did not fund gain of function research. In any case, he believes Dr. Daszak at Eco-health Alliance is the person most responsible for the misinformation and the absence of investigation.

Wade said Daszak was the supervisor responsible and states that we should look at the virology communities’ guidelines as a whole.

Peter Daszak, the president of Eco Health Alliance, then gave the money to the Wuhan virology lab, which we later found out was operating at a much lower degree of safety than what is necessary for this kind of work.

Impressions that the virus was not synthetic came from a letter in The Lancet. It was organized by Dr. Daszak. He had a clear conflict of interest that he did not declare to The Lancet. In fact, he said the opposite.

Daszak assured people that the virus did not originate in the lab and, as a scientist, it was something he could not do.

It is also interesting that the Chinese won’t release any data to prove it did occur naturally as they have said.

Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo tweeted that “every piece of evidence points to a leak” from the Wuhan laboratory.

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2 years ago

One of the most important factors that doesn’t enter the conversation concerns transmission. Clearly the virus will spread from person to person but something else is also transmitted. That is the immunity of those who have been infected is also transmitted person to person.

One person on Fauci staff once said not long ago that it was a “mystery” of why the elderly during the Spanish Flu survived at such high numbers. It is known. Those elderly had previously been infected a few decades earlier from a virus that gave them immunity for that virus. The younger people weren’t alive at the time and thus had no immunity.

With this virus the inverse occurred. The elderly were highly susceptible. In our county the death rate towards the end of last year was 84% in LTC facilities. Once that came out the information was suppressed from then on. The lessons learned is masks and social distancing prolonged and exacerbated the problem. People in their homes will not achieve the gradual immunity by social interaction. The ones who should have been protected weren’t, and the rest were not “allowed” to achieve immunity. Fauci was adamant is prohibiting natural immunity, saying immunity Had to be via vaccines which we now know only limits the symptoms.

Does Fauci “believe” that antibodies are present long term and that determines efficacy. It would suggest that antibodies for every disease are ever present. Rather, T-Cells are the memory blocks that create the antibody When Needed. One should ask Fauci if he graduated at the bottom of his class.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

The facility was only level 2! How did this not get out before? I guess the FBI and Congress covered up again!

Levin as usual fails in his coverage of anything outside of the legal world. He and Faux are of course not going to get to the bottom of the scamdemic which helped remove Trump.

This interview seems to be just another dressed up coverup. We are to believe that it was not Fauci’s fault, that guidelines were the problem. This is a deflection. Fauci has a clear pattern of involvement and deception, which any honest and competent investigative science editor would be aware of. Fauci had a different opinion of what gain of function is? Well he has lots of different opinions based on the situation. A science investigator is going to let Fauci’s word games dominate his analysis? No way, this editor is a fraud.

What would one expect Fauci to say, that it was bioweapon research? Of course not, Fauci always has an excuse ready, but they are inconsistent.

Notice that China Mitch’s coverup hearings never called Daszak or delved into his role.

Omni Consumer Products
Omni Consumer Products
2 years ago

Picture spotted earlier of Fauci doing the Luciferian hand gesture that resembles Napoleon putting his hand in his coat.
Plandemic and kill shot vax is to reduce the useless eaters (US) and clear up the playground earth for the enlightened ones.