Blinken Hires DEI Chief to Dismantle All Traditional Structures


Secretary of State Anthony Blinken appointed a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chief on Tuesday. She fills a position left vacant since June 2023, and we’re reasonably certain no one missed her.

There is no more worthless position. DEI is anti-American and anti-white.


“We’ve got to be about dismantling that traditional structure at every juncture,” says Marxist Johnson.

Do you still doubt that Democrats are destroying this wonderful country? They’re telling you they are dismantling it.

She wants a structure that reflects America. Looking a her, I would say she doesn’t want it to look like America as the majority look at America.

“We stand more determined than ever to address both historic inequalities and new challenges in order to strengthen our modern workforce,” she said, making it clear she won’t hire based on merit.

She founded the Black Women Disrupt Initiative, which seems to view black women as oppressed.

Zakiya Carr Johnson has been on staff at the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs since March 2021. She founded Odara Solutions, an Atlanta-based consulting firm. She was previously a director and senior advisor for the State Department’s race, ethnicity, and social inclusion unit under President Barack Obama.

The diversity expert has a “fresh perspective on how we build a workforce that reflects America,” Blinken said, with a “commitment to inclusive leadership.”

Fox News reports that in announcing the position, Blinken said in February 2021 that the individual in the role will “hold senior leadership accountable” for implementing new diversity and inclusion programs and report directly to him. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts have been at the forefront of the administration’s priorities ever since President Biden took power in January 2021.

Earlier this year, Blinken sent a memo warning State Department employees against using certain gender-specific language.

Oh, that’s really important, as this administration set fires all over the world and opened up our borders.

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