Scientists Are Working to Create A More Deadly Bird Flu


The US is working with Chinese scientists to make the bird flu worse, more infectious, and more deadly so they can work on their vaccine. It’s a million-dollar project.

Bird flu sounds bad enough, just the way it is.

But have no fear; the communist-influenced World Health Organization has a Pandemic Treaty waiting for you!

Making Bird Flu Worse for a Vaccine

Documents obtained by The White Coat Waste Project show funding for the avian virus research began in April 2021 and is slated to continue through March 2026.

They reveal that the US is collaborating with Chinese scientists to make bird flu strains more infectious and deadly as part of a $1 million project, despite what they did with COVID.  Simultaneously, they developed a Bird Flu vaccine.

It is believed that these types of gain of function experiments in the Wuhan lab caused the China virus.

The Story

Joe Biden signed an omnibus spending bill that could apply over $1 billion to a future bird flu pandemic, raising questions about the U.S. government’s foreknowledge and intentions.

The legislation allocates $708,272,000 for emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases, like bird flu, and an additional $315,000,000 specifically for “influenza” pandemic preparation and vaccine production.

One 2023 study described H5NX viruses as ‘highly pathogenic’ with the ability to cause neurological complications in humans.

The main collaborators on the project are USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute – a Wuhan lab partner.

Additionally, according to Daily Mail online, one of the researchers collaborating on the project is Wenju Liu, who is affiliated with the WIV – which is believed to have sparked the Covid pandemic – and a member of the board of a scientific journal, working with Zheng-Li Shi, who is known as the ‘bat lady’ for her extensive work on bat coronaviruses.

Different aspects of the research are slated to take place in multiple locations, including poultry research centers in Athens, Georgia, the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, and the Chinese Academy in Beijing.

The Bird Flu Pandemic Might Be Around the Corner

Newsmax reports that the H5N1 bird flu pandemic might be around the corner and can potentially be 100 times worse than COVID-19. It was recently found in a Texas Dairy worker, only the second human infection. He probably contracted it from a cow now that the bird flu has spread to mammals. According to their data, The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts more than 50% of humans could die.

Most scientists agree that people don’t have to worry, but the more it spreads from animals to mammals, the more likely it is to spread to humans. We’ve detected the flu in mammals worldwide—seals, bears, mountain lions, and foxes, just to name a few.

Last week, officials announced that HPAI infections had been detected in cows on several dairy farms across five states. We then learned that cows in other states got sick once transported from the original farm, suggesting cow-to-cow transmission. This marks the first HPAI infection in cows in the United States, says Caitlin Rivers, Ph.D., M.P.H., is an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. She publishes her own newsletter, Force of Infection.

The man in Texas with the Avian Flu has a mild case.

The Vaccine

Back to the Bird Flu vaccine. As of March 2024, the FDA has approved CSL Seqirus Inc. “Audenz” bird flu vaccine.

The insert package warns the drug contains  25 micrograms of mercury, a known neurotoxin, in addition to containing canine DNA and other cancer-causing chemicals, and is linked to more than a dozen deaths.

One in 33 Audenz vaccine recipients experience a serious adverse reaction (SAE). There is a lot not known about this drug and its adverse effects.

Jon Fleetwood researches and writes about studies. He says all of these asset managers are partnered with the “Great Reset” – advancing World Economic Forum (WEF).

And Here Comes the Pandemic Treaty

There are calls for vaccines. Meanwhile, The WHO, planning for an H5N1 pandemic, is ramping up for its Pandemic Treaty in May. Joe Biden has already expressed interest in signing it and has submitted some of the worst proposals. Hopefully, Congress will not play the same games it played with the Paris Accord and abandon the Constitution requiring a three-fourths Senate vote for approval.

California researcher and journalist James Roguski, who released the current draft of the treaty, said these amendments to the International Health Regulations are not so much an attack on national sovereignty as they are a “dangerous expression of national sovereignty.”

Even if the US pulled out, other nations would require them unless they pulled out. They impose invasive testing, vaccination, and quarantine measures on travelers. Read about it here or here.

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