Blinken: Taliban won’t let stranded Americans leave over paperwork! Unbelievable!


Secretary of State Antony Blinken actually said on Tuesday that Taliban can’t let Americans fly out of Afghanistan from the Mazar-i-Sharif airport because the US citizens and SIVs lack the proper travel documents.

These are people fleeing for their lives with US heroes who went to get them because the Biden admin abandoned them and won’t go to get them.

Blinken wants their travel documents.

There are six to ten planes waiting to take off, and these dirtbags care NOTHING about their lives.

The Hill reported:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday said the U.S. is “not aware” of a “hostage-like situation” at Mazari-i-Sharif in Afghanistan after reports that the Taliban were not allowing Americans to leave.

“We are not aware of anyone being held on an aircraft or any hostage life situation in Mazar-i-Sharif,” Blinken said during a joint news conference with Qatar’s top diplomats and defense officials in Doha.

Blinken did, however, reveal that the U.S. has identified a “relatively small number” of Americans who are trying to depart from the airport. He also said the administration has been “assured” by the Taliban that American and Afghan citizens with valid travel documents will be allowed to exit.

Small number??? The rescue teams say there are hundreds, maybe thousands.

“We’ve been able to identify a relatively small number of Americans who we believe are seeking to depart from Mazar-i-Sharif with their families. We have been assured, again, that all American citizens and Afghan citizens with valid travel documents will be allowed to leave,” Blinken said.

“And again, we intend to hold the Taliban to that,” he added.

Are you kidding me? Blinken, who vacationed at his family’s estate while Kabul fell, will let this continue? All he has to say is this weak statement. He is the weakest administrator imaginable. He’s a coward and the lowest of low. What a terrible person.

Every moment they are there, their lives are in more danger. It’s not just this loser. The UN is rushing to recognize the Taliban and send them aid. It’s every elected official letting us down – not all Republicans, but every Democrat.


The US is blocking the rescuers:

h/t The Gateway Pundit

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8 months ago
8 months ago

Our lying State Department leaders were evidently not insisting to see proper paperwork on the thousands that our military flights evacuated from Kabul prior to the asinine withdrawal of all troops. They just wanted to proclaim a high number of evacuees. They’re still pretending to vet them in third countries and on bases here in the US.

There’s no telling how many unvetted terrorists are already in the US or in the process of getting here.

Add in the fact that our southern border has been wide open since the Biden Crime Family took over and the number could be higher.

8 months ago

Biden and his cohorts are surely not “War Time” bureaucrats.

Dissolve SCCA
Dissolve SCCA
8 months ago

Part of this reply was posted on another site.

Nothing proves the insanity of this Biden Marxist group than their believing the Taliban.By what power does he even have the right to be negotiating with the Taliban –AN ILLEGAL TERRORIST GROUP ENEMY OF THE AFGHAN GOVERNMENT AS WELL AS AN ENEMY OF AMERICA ? ? ?The very act of negotiating with the Taliban is treason. Assuming Blinken do so under the auspices of Biden and his thugs only confirms that Biden and his regime are co-conspirators in the same traitorous plot against the Afghan government and the American government as is Blinken. After all–Blinken was “only following orders”. . . .Yet Biden, Blinken and the gaggle of Marxists are deliberately ignoring American law regarding treason and acting as if this is a perfectly legal and alleged patriotic action. It is not. Who in America will have the guts to arrest and remove all of them from their powerful positions? ? ?

8 months ago