US rushes to legitimize Taliban as they appoint a global terrorist to run the interior


The UN and the US are rushing to recognize the Taliban government and give them ‘humanitarian’ aid. Biden’s government has already negotiated with these terrorists which is against the law. As this is developing, the new Taliban government has appointed the minister of the interior.

The new minister is Sirajuddin Haqqani, the most wanted global terrorist in the world. There is a $10 million reward for him dead or alive which might go to $20 million.

The Haqqani Network is the most violent in Afghanistan. They are responsible for the worst violence in the country. Haqqanis have attacked the US and coalition forces repeatedly. They love hostages, and they want to destroy the West, especially the US. They are tight with Iran and China.

The worst people in the world will run Afghanistan. This is who the Biden administration surrendered to. When we say Biden administration, we mean Rice, Jarrett, Sullivan, Haines, Blinken, Klain, Austin, Milley, and probably Obama and Soros behind the curtain.

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