BLM/CRT/Defund Police Radical to Help Pick the Next Justice


Pretender to the throne, Joe Biden picked a BLM board member and CRT promoter to help pick the next Supreme Court justice. Joe Biden didn’t bother to mention her background when he chose her.

Moore is listed as a top leader at the Dewey Square Group consulting firm and served in Bill Clinton’s White House. She was on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and was CEO of the Democratic National Committee.

Minyon Moore, 63, will help pick the first black woman justice on the Supreme Court. There are two others on the advisory committee. She currently sits on the board of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation. They guide a global communist movement. BLMers are violent communists who want to destroy the nuclear family. Additionally, they plan to defund the police, push Critical Race Theory, and all things Marxist.

Biden never bothered to mention her affiliation with BLM Global Network Foundation. They consistently advocate for the dismantling and defunding of police departments across the country. They claim they are systemically racist institutions.

Biden is elevating a violent, communist organization, which got its seed money in this country from George Soros. Get it now?

“The president is proud to have Minyon Moore on his team as he prepares to announce and confirm an extraordinarily qualified nominee after seeking the recommendations of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates told the Washington Examiner.


Moore is a close friend and promoter of Kimberle Crenshaw one of the founding architects of critical race theory, an anti-white, anti-American ideology.

Moore asked Crenshaw how to further spread the word on CRT. She wants to counter resistance, like Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive orders. He banned the teaching of the theory in public schools.

Imagine her picking a Justice who has the final word!

Moore said recently that she speaks with leading CRT scholar Kimberle Crenshaw each Monday, and Crenshaw joined Moore and other members of the self-described “Colored Girls” for a more than hourlong discussion in January, in which Crenshaw spent the majority of the time advocating for critical race theory as Moore nodded in agreement.

She thinks parents are a threat to democracy if they don’t want CRT taught in their schools.

Moore tweeted in October, “Must Read: Threats against school boards over masks and critical race theory threaten our way of life.”

Crenshaw is a law professor at UCLA and at Columbia University, where her “areas of specialty” include “critical race theory” and “intersectionality.” Her official Columbia biography describes her as a “pioneering scholar and writer” on critical race theory and “foundational” in promoting CRT.


Moore co-founded Power Rising in 2017, and Harris gave the keynote speech at its virtual Fixed on Freedom summit in 2020.

A post on Facebook by Power Rising in 2018 approvingly quoted Angela Davis. Moore signed an open letter in 2020 titled “Top Black Women Leaders Denounce Racist, Sexist Attacks Against VP Candidates,” and the letter claimed that “we are indebted to women like … Angela Davis.”

She has been a political consultant for Jesse Jackson, Kamala Harris, the Clintons, and senile Joe.

Jerry Dunleavy has more at The Washington Examiner.


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