BLM Demands a History Rewrite of a Racist Supremacist


BLM, a violent Black Supremacist Communist group, is hoping to rewrite the history of Black criminals. They like to throw out conspiracy theories and exonerate people who shouldn’t be exonerated, like Marcus Garvey, a man whose descendants try to label a civil rights leader.

If only we could change history, but we can’t. We can only learn from it.

They want him pardoned posthumously for his 1923 mail fraud conviction, a crime for which he is guilty.

In June 1923, Garvey was convicted of mail fraud after Black Star Line, the shipping company he founded, sent out advertisements showing a ship that the company did not yet own but was in the process of buying, according to the Post. He received a $1,000 fine and five-year prison sentence that was later commuted by former President Coolidge.

He was deported to his native country of Jamaica in 1927. He moved to London in 1935 and died there in 1940

He was a big Hitler fan.

Garvey, an early black supremacist, met with KKK leaders to undermine the NAACP. “Between the Klu Klux Klan and the NAACP group, give me the Klan,” he had said. “You may call me a Klansman if you will,” he had added.

Garvey defended that action partly as tactics to defend the position of UNIA branches in the South, but he was also forthright in saying that black nationalists and white supremacists had something in common and that he looked to whoever could help achieve that something in common.

“We were the first Fascists,” Garvey boasted. He also contended that “Mussolini and Hitler copied the programme of the UNIA.”

Marcus Garvey urged his followers to read Mein Kampf. “What the Negro needs is a Hitler,” he declared.

“Hats off to Hitler the German Nazi,” cheered the national hero of Jamaica.

His supporters then and now say he was critical of racism but there is no real evidence of that except in the interpretations of others here and here, but that’s our opinion.

He wanted to get all Blacks repatriated back to Africa. That fell through when Firestone bought up the land in Liberia he hoped to purchase for the cause.

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