BLM Looks Like a Big Scam


As you know, BLM appears to be a big scam. The co-founder Patrisse Cullors has used funds donated to BLM to buy expensive homes. She also used it to pay millions of dollars to family and friends for various reasons. Why didn’t this money go to poor black people?

Patrisse Cullors, managing BLM donations.

We don’t know for sure, but she does appear to be a grifter.

Cullors, an avowed Marxist, said tax disclosures are ‘triggering’. We don’t doubt they are for her.

The Black Lives Matter foundation has $42 million in net assets, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. The foundation’s co-founder, self-proclaimed Marxist Patrisse Cullors, used the scam’s money to pay millions of dollars to family members, friends, and the father of her child.

Cullors gave almost $970,000 to a company owned by Damon Truner. He is the father of her child. Her brother’s security firm got $840,000. Her friend Shalomyah Bowers got $2.1 million for consultation. It’s her friend. They couldn’t consult over dinner?

Cullors admitted the foundation employed her mother and sister as well as her brother.

Cullors this year said just hearing about the 990 disclosure, which all nonprofits are required to fill out, is “triggering.” She said the disclosure form is “being literally weaponized against us” and made her feel “deeply unsafe.” This sounds like a scam to us.

That BS works you know.

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1 year ago

BLM was a scam from day one. It would not have existed without Hillary Clinton’s blessing. How much money made it’s way into Clinton Family Scams?