BLM ‘protesters’ gang up on a van, driver gets shot, in Provo, Utah


The Marxist hate organization, Black Lives Matter, is now tearing through Mormon country in Provo, Utah. Maybe Mitt Romney will march with them again. This radical group of revolutionaries should be declared a terrorist organization as they rip up towns, damage businesses, set fires, and terrorize people.

If you’ll notice, they’re white spoiled brats.

The driver was hit by gunfire from one of the ‘protesters’ as they ganged up on his car. These are wild, roving gangs and they need to be stopped.

The man, whose wounds were not life-threatening, drove himself to Utah Valley Hospital, according to police.

Ironically, the group of lunatics was protesting police brutality.

At the time, they were blocking cars, when a large, white SUV heading south on University Avenue pushed its way through a crowd of protesters, knocking several of them aside. That’s when they heard a loud pop.

The St. Louis Tribune reported:

According to a statement released by the city of Provo, the driver of the SUV pulled into the right turn lane to turn onto Center Street when “several protesters began crowding around the vehicle.” The statement from Deputy Police Chief John Geyerman does not mention the SUV driving into several protesters, but adds that the driver “hit the gas trying to leave the situation.”

According to Geyerman, “The same protester ran after the vehicle and shot a second round that went through the rear passenger window” before concealing the weapon. He “later approached another vehicle at 500 North and University Avenue, striking and breaking the window with the handgun.”

They are looking for the suspect. They have a lot of videos, but he was wearing a mask.

This goes on in Portland every day. Provo needs to stop this right away.

The media is really not doing justice to the reporting. Fortunately, there are some citizen reporters and a few news reporters who cover it honestly. The media is anti-American to misreport these stories and glorify Black Lives Matter.


Watch the wounded man speed off:



  1. It wasn’t blm, it was antifa. You need to stopmlying.
    This is obviously a racist article, with a racist writer.
    Spouting lies and bigotry for propaganda and profit.
    Whoever wrote this, I hope you get molested with a sandpaper strap-on, and murdered painfully and slowly.

    • BLM or people claiming to be BLM were the people present. Both organizations are anarcho-communists as I have proven in many of my previous articles. BLM, which is 46% white, is no different than Antifa.

      The shooter was arrested and he is white. We don’t know his affiliation yet.

      The Newspapers reported it was BLM, not us. We repeated what they said. Several were wearing BLM shirts and most were white as we said.

      If you continue to use fake emails, you will be banned.

  2. Has US Representative Ben McAdams (D) made any comment about BLM? I’ll bet Mia Love (R) who he beat in the last election is against them. And of course Utah elected carpet bagger Mitt. Stupid Utah voters.

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