Iowa Gov’s car hits a ‘protester’


A vehicle transporting Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds struck a Black Lives Matter protester Tuesday as the protester was intentionally blocking the car’s path. These ‘protesters’ are mostly the vile Bernie Bros now running around as Black Lives Matter faux protesters.

A group of about two dozen Des Moines Black Lives Matter activists showed up to Reynolds’ public events in Steamboat Rock and Ackley, each about 90 miles from Des Moines.

They wanted her to immediately sign the executive order to allow felons to vote, which she does plan to do, unfortunately for Republicans. Felons are the Democrat voting base.

Jaylen Cavil, an organizer with Des Moines Black Lives Matter, said he was standing in the driveway hoping that Reynolds would roll down the window of the vehicle and speak to them. He was sure the driver wouldn’t run over him. That didn’t work out.

Cavil said he was not injured, but it was shocking when the vehicle hit him. He said the impact spun him around and lifted him slightly onto the hood of the vehicle.

The driver, a state patrol officer, said that Cavil stepped in front of him as he was driving. That is very believable. That’s what they do.

Cavil was part of the white leftist group of Black Lives Matter activists who met with Reynolds twice in her office at the Iowa Capitol to demand she sign an executive order restoring voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences.



  1. Why is she going to give Felons the Democrat Communist base the Right To vote.
    She is not appealing to any Americans with scruples, morals and fealty to the Republic or fellow citizens.Is sh seeking the Felons and Communists votes, then she should lose the vote of every Law Abiding honorable Citizen that pay the taxes and her salary. Perhaps she will increase their welfare check too, nd put Sexual Predators and other Perverts in classrooms.of our children too..

    • I agree. Sad. All we have are Republicans. Have no choice but to vote for them and they are so weak. Maybe some are just stupid.

  2. Can we please stop pretending that these BLM terrorists are somehow always “imposters” of some sort, “hijacking” the protests? This IS BLM. This is what they do.

    • Amen!!!…and they get $15.00 per hour…that is until their puppeteers achieve their goal, which they well might unless true patriots ACT, and they become redundant, increasingly burdensome and expendable…

    • I wonder what these clowns expect the governor’s security detail to do. They protected their principal, just like they’re supposed to do.

      Try that with a Trump caravan sometime and you’ll get a good look at the belly of the Beast.


  3. Add to that, the protesters who will be voting for the first time this year and they’re probably all registering Democrat.

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