BLM ‘protesters’ in Pittsburgh who taunted elderly couple charged with misdemeanors


The obnoxious Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ in Pittsburgh who recently taunted diners, especially elderly ones, are now facing charges. Last week, BLM ‘protesters’ screamed “f— the white people’ and one drank an elderly couple’s beer as they dined at the sidewalk cafe.

Three in particular harassed and terrorized diners outside the Sienna Mercato restaurant on September 5th.

Charges were filed against Monique Craft, Kenneth McDowell, and Shawn Green, who goes by Lorenzo Rulli, on Monday, the Daily Mail UK reported.

Craft, wearing a ‘Nazis lives don’t matter’ t-shirt is seen on a viral video drinking a beer she swiped off a table of an elderly white couple. Then she broke the glass on the ground.

Green cursed and screamed at the couple, gave them the finger, and then screamed into one of the restaurant’s open windows. McDowell used a megaphone to curse at everyone walking by.

President Trump called them anarchists and Joe Biden voters.

Misdemeanor charges were filed against Monique Craft, 35, Kenneth McDowell, 33, and Shawn Green, 24, on Monday. It’s unclear whether they’ve been taken into custody.

A viral video showed the trio and other protesters screaming ‘f*** the white people’ and yelling other obscenities at diners outside the Sienna Mercato restaurant on Penn Avenue on September 5.


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