Kamala greeted in Florida: “No Communista. No Socialista” & “Apoyen La Policia”


President Trump’s Hispanic supporters in South Florida were waiting to send a message to Sen. Kamala Harris as she landed on her first trip to Miami after being named Joe Biden’s running mate.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee targeted Hispanic and black voters in the area on her trip Thursday, fundraising in Miami-Dade County, and pandering to the Latino community. Joe is safely ensconced in his basement in Delaware.

Venezuelan and Cuban immigrants support Donald Trump since they know what the Harris-Biden ticket leads to — socialism and communism.

“No Communista. No Socialista” and “Apoyen La Policia” [support the police] read signs being held by the Miami-based Trump supporters.

Even in places with Puerto Ricans who largely vote Democrat, there were no excited crowds to greet her.

Watch the clips:

Florida loves Trump:

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