BLM Radical, Dakota Means, Brutally Murdered His Infant Son


An Antifa-tied Black Lives Matter radical, who was let off with probation after threatening a federal officer, has brutally murdered his infant son.

When Dakota K. Means threatened to come after the federal worker with an AK, he had already served 60 days for a different crime.

Dakota K. Means received a mere 12.5 years in prison for the vicious murder of his child.

Oregon Live Report

Dakota Kurtis Means is accused of recklessly killing his baby son with “extreme indifference to the value of human life” and “having previously engaged in a pattern and practice of assault and torture of a child under age 14,” according to court filings.

In a civil domestic violence filing, his wife wrote that the infant, Hunter Means, was “deceased due to injuries” by Dakota Means.

The baby was found limp at his North Portland apartment on April 17 and taken to a local hospital.

The boy suffered brain bleeds, a fractured skull and broken ribs, and died in the hospital about a month later at age three months.

The baby’s mother asked Dakota to change his diaper while she stepped out to grab a smoke. He asked the mother to come in because the baby was crying and she refused. When she came back in, she found the baby limp. He was six weeks old.

His wife is pregnant with their second child.

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