BLM Red Sox honoree bashes 80-year-old white female Trump supporter


A 32-year-old Black Lives Matter leader named Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr. was honored by the Boston Red Sox during an August “Hats off to Heroes” ceremony. The honor is normally reserved for members of the military. Ernst was arrested Saturday in Swampscott, Massachusetts for punching an 80-year-old white female Trump supporter in the chest.

The story first originated with Turtle Boy Daily News. Trump supporters have been hounded by this guy before.


He’s a humble sort. When so honored, he said he couldn’t take all the credit.

He now claims on his Facebook page that the 80-year-old instigated it by squirting water at him. In the clip, you can see him wind up his arm and unload a right at her.

The Red Sox honorée and communist — BLM is a communist organization — is out on bail.

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Got Banana Republic
Got Banana Republic
2 years ago

The new unity czar for the Xi Biden Commie-La abomination?
Remember Commie-La said that BLM/Antifa would not be going anywhere after the (s)election but at we least we won’t have the bad orange tweets.
I almost feel bad for those who fell for the we just want to be equal horseshit.
Leon Trotsky came up with the racism spiel and some say it goes back to the Jacobins.
The modern left is very Jacobin.