BLMer arrested, Antifa agitates during actual peaceful protest in DC


There were scuffles during the MAGA march in DC today, but in most cases, the police were able to keep the Antifa/Black Lives Matter and the Trump supporters apart. If you go through the videos, it’s the Antifa and BLM trying to stir up the Trump supporters. In many cases, the leftists are professional agitators. They scream, spit, throw things, and get into peoples’ faces.

The reason the Proud Boys are in attendance is to protect the marchers. That is what the Proud Boys do — protect people. Many aren’t Trump supporters and many are minorities, despite what you’ve heard.

A Black Lives Matter member was arrested today professionally agitating:
In this clip, Antifa and BLM didn’t like the flag, and an argument ensued:
This MAGA marcher tried to talk to one of them and you can’t. This BLMer stole the Trump supporter’s hat:

The Proud Boys had to form a circle around Alex Jones to protect him from the loons:


The Trump supporters didn’t come for violence. This is what an actual peaceful protest looks like:

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