Wisconsin voters sue to have nearly 800,000 votes invalidated


Three voters in Wisconsin filed a federal lawsuit to exclude Nov. 3 election results in three of the state’s counties that helped push Joe Biden ahead of President Donald Trump. If successful, the action would invalidate over 792,000 votes cast across the state, the Epoch Times reports.

The civil action (pdf), filed on Thursday, alleges that there is “sufficient evidence that illegal votes were counted” in Milwaukee, Dane, and Menominee counties “to change or place in doubt the results” of the presidential election in the counties.

The voters want the ballots invalidated.

The counties in question are heavily Democratic.

Biden holds a lead of 365,289 votes in those three counties but only won by 20,540 votes.

The Trump campaign has signaled it will request a recount.

“Certifying presidential electors without excluding certain counties would violate voters’ fundamental right to vote by vote-dilution disenfranchisement,” the suit said, citing the First and 14th Amendment protections.

“Because illegal votes dilute legal votes, the evidence establishes and will establish that the rights of voters have been violated by vote-dilution disenfranchisement. Consequently, the presidential election results from the counties identified should not be included in certified and reported totals for presidential electors from this state.”

The suit asserted, citing past court rulings, that there is fraud risk inherent in mail-in ballots and that voter fraud occurs more with mailed ballots than in-person ballots.

Plaintiffs said that the expert report would “identify persons who cast votes illegally by casting multiple ballots, were deceased, had moved, or were otherwise not qualified to vote in the Nov. 3 presidential election, along with evidence of illegal ballot stuffing, ballot harvesting, and other illegal voting.”

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Scott Seaman
Scott Seaman
3 years ago

All respective LEGAL votes count – BUT all these Illegal votes shall be excluded. Trump easily WON the L E G A L vote and should remain as POTUS ! Patriots Must make a Stand on THIS election and NOT wait until “next time “. Please HELP and Take a Stand ! ! Thank You:)

Back in the USSA
Back in the USSA
3 years ago

The 3 dispute the outcome of November three and it smacks of poetry.
Gotta love people with their backs like a spine who won’t go quietly or just to get along with some suicidal cult herd of soft weak groupthink drones.

Whenever you find that you are on the
side of the majority, it is time to pause
and reflect.
– Mark Twain