Bloomberg follows up on his disastrous debate with idiotic billboards


Bloomberg is trolling Trump with billboards in high visibility areas where Trump’s holding rallies this week.

The billboards say things like: “Donald Trump cheats at golf,” “Donald Trump eats burnt steak, Michael Bloomberg likes his medium rare,” “Donald Trump lost the popular vote,” and “Donald Trump went broke running a casino.”

This isn’t satire! Bloomberg is actually doing this.

He thinks they’re clever. Bloomberg is even incompetent as a troll. There is something wrong with Bloomberg.

The President won’t care about these third-grade statements. Leftists can’t meme.

Whoever came up with these should be fired immediately.

According to the ad tracking service Kantar/CMAG, the campaign will have spent more than $415 million in TV, radio and digital advertising since its launch. Money well-spent — just kidding.

Nothing like following up a disastrous debate performance with idiotic billboards.



Meanwhile in Las Vegas, the President is having the last laugh with a huge rally of fans.

Lots of Democrats and people who didn’t vote:

Why would anyone vote against someone who has built a great economy?

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Bloomberg IS a demoncrap…know those people that would tax you to give out “freebies”, who insist on “open borders” and “sanctuaries ” for illegal criminals…No Borders = No Country…who have formed a “cabal” in some states to circumvent the “spirit and intent” of the Electoral College and many would abolish it, the College, entirely…No College = No Constitutional Republic…and he in particular WANTS YOUR GUNS…in this regard THINK Adolph, Josef, Mao Pol et al whose collective claim to fame was their ability to exterminate millions of their UNARMED countrymen…cannot happen in the USA…well Antifa IS a “replication” of the Brown Shirts and Red Guards!!!