Ilhan Omar offers a new bizarre response to brother-husband claim


A former friend of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s revealed this week that she did marry her brother in an immigration scheme. She responded yesterday with tweets suggesting the man was paid to say it.

Today, she responded again, with a piece on a seemingly hard-left website that is both bizarre and conspiratorial.


On Friday, Omar addressed the report by posting a link to her official statement which she penned for a blog called “”

“Bring it on,” Omar writes.

Her blog post is titled, “Enemy collaboration: Character Assassination of Ilhan Omar – tabloid brainwashing saga continues.”

She slammed the report of her marrying her brother and wants the tabloids boycotted. Omar called it “exploitative so-called journalism, ie slanderous gossip, ie propagandized smear campaigns about prominent people, whom empire-delusional despots must depose.”

Her piece references The Daily Mail and The Sun, both of which accused her of marrying her brother.

This next paragraph is crazy: “Pro-Israel Zionist / Far-right fraternization may be surprising to some, as their factions’ “public image” apparently insists they violently despise each other. However, their fascist dystopian ideology is pretty much one and the same. Domination and oppression by any and all means necessary.”

Omar goes on to say it’s “the same old lies…regurgitated propaganda.”

While not denying the report, she focuses on the accusers not having evidence, just “inconclusive conjecture.”

“The latest hearsay from an apparent “friend” nothing more than speculation, if not outright fake news, for which he was likely paid a tidy sum by the infamous gossip rags via generous benefactors,” she writes.

“Undeniably, no one is immune to making mistakes, or even regrets. However, not every one has the heart of a lion to take on the establishment and US deep state,” Omar admits.

At the same time, she aggrandizes herself. “Undeniably, Ilhan Omar had a traumatized past as a little girl, from which she triumphantly emerged as the courageous and noble young woman fighting relentlessly for the rights of the people whom she represents and those who are voiceless throughout the world.”

“She has an unenviable often thankless job, for which she volunteered because she believes she can help make a difference, and, try as she might, she will make mistakes because she’s human.”

“Her private life is no one’s business. It is of no reflection on her sincerity, integrity nor her abilities.”


Ilhan Omar blows a lot of smoke.

As John Hinderaker notes at the powerline blog, her response is “bizarre.”

“First, she falsely asserted that Somali Abdi Nur [he is a devout Muslim] was paid to smear her. Next, she asserted that the whole thing is a Zionist conspiracy,” he writes.

As he says, it’s “crazed” and it reeks of “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.”

So, what are these mistakes? Marrying her brother, perhaps? She’s arrogant enough to mean exactly that.

It is very odd that she doesn’t say: of course, I didn’t marry my brother, or that’s disgusting, or of course, I wouldn’t do a thing like that. Instead, she talks of mistakes and rationalizes that she’s a survivor of a traumatic childhood.

She says it’s no one’s business. That’s not true, naturally. If she married her brother in an immigration scheme, she committed a felony punishable by five years in jail and the payment of a substantial fine.

BRING IT ON? Let’s hope the FBI or US immigration does if she’s guilty. She’s counting on them not finding proof.

The ‘Humans4HumansLife,’ site she chose to write on celebrates communism.

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3 years ago

Where will she be if we impose sharia law stoned to death?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Jail is where she belongs.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

“It is honourable to deceive/lie to the infidel”…She would have had to “marry” legitimately for immigration purposes. Dig out the record and put the felon in jail…

Patricia Nielsen
Patricia Nielsen
3 years ago

” she believes she can help make a difference” Well if she wants to help she should start by being upfront with the people she is representing. All this spiel did was make her look really weird. Tell the truth Omar and get it over with. The longer you delay the sooner Immigration will stop by for a visit.