Bloomberg ‘News’ gets slammed for false headline about deadly chloroquine



Bloomberg put up a false headline titled, Virus Drug Touted by Trump, Musk Can Kill With Just Two Gram Dose, saying China reports chloroquine kills with just two grams. The dosage is milligrams, not grams, but they left that out of their story. Instead, they claimed it’s a killer, tying it to the President and Elon Musk, who they never forgave for donating to House Republicans years back.

The President has been trying to cheer Americans up as he should by explaining there are really positive results to report on the use of the drug chloroquine with coronavirus patients.

The drug is approved in the United States for malaria and rheumatoid arthritis, but Bloomberg kept quoting the scare tactics from China, saying it’s not approved here. It’s not approved for coronavirus but doctors can prescribe it.

Bloomberg then admits it is the treatment China uses, just not in that large a dose. The headline didn’t match the article.

It is really meant to be a nasty attack on Trump, tying the treatment to him. They don’t want Americans to be calmed in any way. Now, if anyone dies after taking the drug, he will be blamed. Neato.

Bloomberg is very dishonest. No one is prescribing in grams. Bloomberg is getting mileage out of this lie by retweeting it with different hysterical headlines like — two people in Nigeria died because they listened to Trump. That story came via China.

Many do see it for what it is.


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