Beijing outlet reports recovery in Wuhan is a ruse


Caixin Global, a Beijing-based media outlet, claims the news about full recovery in Wuhan is false. Locals say business representatives are lying. This is according to the allegedly “independent” media Caixin in Beijing.

So, who do you believe?


The claim is they put the lights on and pretend everything is “on the upswing” but “whistleblowers and local officials tell Caixan that’s just a carefully crafted ruse.”

Various provinces claim to be back to work, but whistleblowers say the numbers are fudged in response to pressure from Beijing.

But civil servants tell Caixan that businesses are actually faking these numbers. Beijing had started checking Zhejiang businesses’ electricity consumption levels, so district officials ordered the companies to start leaving their lights and machinery on all day to drive the numbers up, one civil servant said. Businesses have reportedly falsified staff attendance logs as well — they “would rather waste a small amount of money on power than irritate local officials,” Caixan writes.

In Wuhan, officials have tried to make it appear that recovery efforts are going smoothly. But when “central leaders” personally survey disinfecting regimens and food delivery, local officials “make a special effort” for them and them alone, one resident told Caixan. And in a video circulating on social media, residents can be seen shouting at visiting leaders from the apartments where they’re being quarantined — “Fake, it’s all fake.” 

The Chinese want Trump to lose in November and they want to create chaos. The left cares about Russia’s interference, but not China’s. Getting the truth is difficult.

Who knows what the truth is. This could be true or false.

Meanwhile, China is to blame for unleashing this misery on the world. They did nothing when they were told about the virus and lost three critical weeks. Not only that, they allowed Chinese people to travel and gather in large celebrations, knowing what was going on. The whistleblower doctor who warned the world was castigated for it by his government. He received exoneration posthumously.

Beijing is reportedly plotting how to take advantage of the virus in the U.S. to harm us. Meanwhile, the U.S. media is taking their side.

Watch this segment:

In the middle of the clip above, Fox put an MSNBC segment in, this is it:

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