Bloomberg Thinks Ripping Into Trump Is an Honorable Commencement Speech


Nanny Bloomberg wants to tell Americans if they can have weapons of self-defense, Big Gulp sodas, big popcorn in the movies, and baby formula in hospitals. He also thinks a commencement speech is about ripping into the President of the United States.

Michael Bloomberg railed, we are in the ‘midst of an epidemic of dishonesty and an endless barrage of lies”.
The dishonest former mayor of New York City added, we “went from a president who could not tell a lie”; but, hopefully he doesn’t mean, “You can keep your doctor” Obama.

What a lovely way to send students off into the future. The President has no way to debate or defend himself.


CNN talking head Frank Sesno called Trump’s alleged lies “insidious” and alleged it “devalues” the civil discourse.

Leftist Sesno, who hated Ronald Reagan, added, “As was said in the Reagan White House, the fish rots from the head. Of course, they weren’t talking about themselves. They were talking about others. But that applies. And we have so devalued honesty and credibility. Which used to be demanded at the White House. When I covered at the white House, I remember the white House press secretary would walk away and say, by the way, the president just misspoke…”

Amanpour said Trump’s comments about the media is “empowering dictators around the world.”

Why can’t these jerks just encourage the students, tell them how successful they can be, and how proud hey should be of themselves?


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