Blotto O’Rourke Lies Again! It’s a Big One!


Beto O’Rourke, aka Blotto, recently lied about trying to leave the scene of an accident when he was drunk. The Washington Post gave him four Pinocchios for that one. He’s been caught again in another major lie.

O’Rourke is being pumped up by the left as a new John Kennedy. Lots of luck with that one.

Blotto’s been telling a powerful anecdote — at his first Senate date and at other times. He tells the sad story of a Dreamer, a salutatorian at Booker High School who was deported to his country of origin, not even speaking the language.

He even embellished it.

The honor student in question was actually the valedictorian. She spoke the language. It happened a decade ago, not recently. The ‘he’ was a ‘she’ and there is more.

Most importantly, said Yamile Guerrero Rosales, “I wasn’t deported, but I had to figure life out on my own for six months with a baby,” stuck in Juarez, Mexico, until her paperwork came through.

Born in Durango, Mexico, she’s now 30 and was naturalized two years ago as an American. She’s raising two kids in Booker with a third coming any day, working as an accountant at a firm in the oil patch.

She was mighty surprised to be invoked at Friday night’s Dallas debate between O’Rourke and Sen. Ted Cruz.

While O’Rourke didn’t use her name, there is no question that’s who he meant.

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