Blue Americans are super spreaders not red staters in the hinterland


“Hillbillies in a band with mandolin, guitar and jug.

You know how the red states get blamed continuously for the virus surge? It turns out the blue states and areas famous for the gay scene are responsible for the latest.

Byron York tweeted, “We’ve seen a lot of commentators recent blaming virus surge on red states, Trump supporters, etc. Some advocate coercive moves, warn that Blue America is rapidly losing patience with backward Red America.

“Now we see reports that episode that freaked out CDC was outbreak over crowded July 4th in part of heavily-vaccinated, deep-blue Massachusetts famous for its gay scene. Not a Trump hotspot.

“The proper response is not to blame Blue America for outbreak but for those finger-pointing commentators to be a little more circumspect, a little less Trump-obsessed, a little more reasonable. Would be good idea.”

From The Washington Post:

A sobering scientific analysis published Friday found that three-quarters of the people infected during an explosive covid-19 outbreak fueled by the delta variant were fully vaccinated. The report on the Massachusetts cases, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, offers key evidence bolstering the hypothesis that vaccinated people can spread the more transmissible variant and may be a factor in the summer surge of infections…

…The outbreak started in early July in Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod, a tourist destination known for its party scene. The festive July 4 holiday atmosphere proved ideal for super-spreader events…

…Scientists said the Provincetown outbreak and other recent data on breakthrough infections make clear that vaccines offer significant protection, as they were designed to, against severe illness and death but do not offer blanket protection against any chance of infection. Only a handful of people in the outbreak were hospitalized. While the data suggest vaccinated people can spread the disease, the extent to which they contribute is not yet clear. Walensky said this week that such transmission occurs on “rare occasions.”

The York Tweets:

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

This is what these democrat cretins do, they lie and blame the other side and of course the good old polite republicans sit back and look stupefied for fear of hurting some ones feelings and angering the propagandists in the liberal media. This is why the disliked Trump, he said it like it was and didn’t pull any punches.

1 year ago

It’s pretty simple. Big Blue Cities have a high population density and that equates to a super spreader paradise. With the natural distancing of rural America the spread of viruses are slower.

1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

People encountering other people in stores are the same. But keep spewing propaganda on behalf of murderers.

And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison
And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison
1 year ago

A Purge scenario is coming? (rhetorical)
Dr. Frauci (CPUSA/CCP) did say that there will be two Americas.
A house divided will not stand but that is a feature and not a bug to the fifth column of traitors in the Uniparty.
BTW-How come the latest lab variant isn’t affecting China? (h/t-Dilbert Adams)

O/T-A stunningly beautiful sunbreak to the West during the after dinner walk! It looked like raining rays and a squadron of geese swooped in low honking while a beautiful schmetterling (butterfly) that looked like one of those Oriental fans flew past and then I found a couple of bucks at the subdivision sector entrance!
Thank you God for all wonderful gifts!
Let the fools put their faith in “science” and “experts” but I’ll have to pass.