Proof: power-mad Democrats are sending illegals to red areas


Florida is opening a new ‘asylum’ office in Tampa, a red area of Florida. Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer and other leftists are loading up RED states with illegals, just as Governor De Santis reported.

They are destroying this country. Republicans do nothing and conservative talk show hosts say nothing.

These people are illegal aliens. Many are coming for freebies or to commit crimes. The overwhelming majority are not asylum seekers. They are well-dressed, have iPhones, and are certainly well-fed.

They are turning Texas and Florida blue before our eyes.


TAMPA, Florida—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will open a new asylum office in Tampa on Aug. 2, in response to an increasing asylum workload in Florida. The new office becomes the 11th asylum office in the country and the second in Florida, joining the existing Miami Asylum Office. The Tampa and Miami asylum offices will divide the state’s  asylum workload.  
Florida currently leads the country in asylum applications filed with USCIS, and more than a quarter of the national pending caseload is from Florida residents. The addition of the Tampa Asylum Office will help USCIS resolve urgent cases quickly and better address the large number of asylum applications pending with USCIS in the state. 
USCIS has jurisdiction over the affirmative asylum process in which noncitizens in the United States may file Form I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, within one year of their arrival if they seek such protection. USCIS asylum officers interview applicants to determine if they are eligible.
The Tampa Asylum Office will adjudicate asylum claims filed by individuals residing in western and northern Florida as well as portions of central Florida. The Miami Asylum Office will continue to adjudicate asylum claims filed by individuals residing in south Florida and portions of central Florida. Asylum interviews are by appointment only, and appointment notices will direct all applicants to their designated office. USCIS began interviewing a small number of asylum applicants at the Tampa location in late June, but it officially opens on Aug. 2 to a larger workload. 
The Tampa Asylum Office, located at 5524 West Cypress Street, Suite B, is temporary until the permanent, stand-alone facility near the Florida State Fairgrounds becomes operational. This opening is currently anticipated for spring 2022. The USCIS Tampa Field Office located at 5629 Hoover Boulevard remains unchanged, and USCIS continues to adjudicate Green Card a

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1 year ago

”…majority are not asylum seekers.”

They all appear to be brown/black. Wasn’t that part of Barry’s plan?

Where are the WHITE South African farmers that are being murdered/driven from their land?
Why are Dems turning Cubans away?

1 year ago

i have been playing around with the idea of non functional government. start locally then move up the ladder until state government is non functional. consider electing a crew of drugged out homeless derelicts to board of supervisors, mayor, sherriff and any power wielding position that could possibly allow the feds to function in the area. the positions would be no shows and we the people can sort it out.

El Aguila
El Aguila
1 year ago

We are living in a time where Satan doesn’t even hide anymore and the world still can’t see him.

1 Peter 5:8

1 year ago

The play is going to be an Amnesty just before the election and Stuffing Ballot Boxes again. Democrats can’t win a fair election race.

The Battle of Bastogne
The Battle of Bastogne
1 year ago

Hussein wasn’t just ego stroking when he said Fundamental Transformation.
The illusion of nowhere to run is the plan but God and Lady Nature have other plans.
Republicans of the Uniparty are as worthless as those funny Clinton $3 bills from the late 1990’s.
They are TRAITORS in on all of it. Talk radio is over as the golden EIB mic is in the archive and Dr. Savage is enjoying a well earned rest.