Blue Denver Mayor Is Sending Their Illegal ‘Migrants’ to Red Utah


The woke mayor of Denver, Colorado, Mike Johnston, has done everything imaginable to welcome illegal aliens into his city. He’s been giving them every type of freebie he can conjure up.

However, the mayor is a fraud. According to a report from 2KUTV, he recently sent about 2,000 illegal aliens to Utah. Denver Department of Human Services spokesperson John Ewing told the outlet, “Any individual who travels through our system makes their own decision on their destination. We are simply helping people connect with family and friends or resist support systems. ”

So, here you have a very far-left mayor sending these people who will vote Democrat to a red state. Nothing suspicious there.

Mayor Mike Johnston

New York has been doing the same thing. The Salt Lake City police also said border agents are sending the migrants to Utah after processing them.

Denver sometimes pays for the tickets, including plane tickets. They’ve been doing this for months.


Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said she didn’t know this was happening. She added that there is a “limit to the resources we can provide to people in need.”

Open Borders and Sanctuary City Denver has sent more than 18,000 people out of Denver to Chicago, New York City, and Salt Lake City.

These progressive Democrats are the worst hypocrites imaginable.

There has been a 548% spike in immigration court cases, and Utah is not an open-border sanctuary state.

These Democrats insist on calling them asylum seekers. I don’t know if you remember this was George Soros’s original idea. He said to call them all refugees or asylum seekers so they can’t be deported. He also said he wanted DACAs to be given citizenship so democrats get their permanent electoral majority.

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