Blunting Corona Contagion-Who’s Done Better, Cali Drivers or Mass Transit New Yorkers? 


Apparently, one of the unexplained mysteries of our United States version of the coronavirus pandemic is why California, with double the population of New York State, has so many fewer cases.

Politically both are far left, from the governors on down to big city mayors.  Each is basically a sanctuary state, with an open borders mindset.  And it would seem politically correct thinking reigns supreme.

Or does it really?  One of the biggest, thickest planks in the PC platform is focused on climate change.  And a huge part of that policy is aimed at either reducing the number or eliminating as many of those cursed automobiles as possible.   Celebrities and pols in both states seem to be constantly lecturing us about this.

But a closer look a which state is heeding those elitist warnings shows New York is walking the walk, while California is just talking the talk.   As of 2016, New York had almost 4.9 million registered motor vehicles.  In 2018, California had 15.1 million.  With a population two times that of the Empire State, California had more than three times as many cars.

So what, you may be asking, has this to do with the stunning disparity in infections?

It may play a rather significant role because it has a dramatic effect on how residents commute.  Los Angeles County is serviced by the Los Angeles Metro Rail System.  As of 2018, it carried about 108,000,000 riders.

New York City is a railway hub. In 2018 90,000,000 Long Island commuters used the LI Railroad.  In 2017 Metro North carried 87,000,000 passengers from, “points north”, while in 2018 New Jersey’s Path Train boarded 81,000,000.

But what is even more stunning is the number of people who used the New York City Subway system.  Three years ago the number stood at over 1.7 BILLION.  The combined total of all four systems is a whisker under 2 BILLION riders.

Los Angeles County’s mass transit system ridership is less than 5.5% of New York City’s!

Looking at these stats from a common sense standpoint does it not seem probable that hundreds of millions of travelers crammed into tight quarters, most of them underground, are much more likely to spread a super-highly communicable disease than a similar number using or even sharing their cars?

It’s considered PC blasphemy to tout the benefits of automobile travel over the virtues of public transportation, but as of this writing, here are the latest coronavirus updates from each state.

California-12,573 infected, 282 deaths

New York State (including NYC)-113,704 infected, 3,565 deaths

New York City (alone)-63,306 infected, 1,905 deaths

While we understand there certainly could be many other factors, isn’t it worth considering that those often scorned, independent, “car crazy”, non-PC, Californians are actually helping prevent the spread, and saving lives, while dutiful New Yorkers, left with basically no choice but mass transit have unwittingly put themselves and others at risk?

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