AOC wants reparations for racist COVID, rails about our “brutal, barbarian society”


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a hard-left representative, thinks we live in a “brutal, barbarian society” for the “vast majority of working-class Americans.” She thinks we’re in Venezuela apparently.

Her views are inexplicable when you consider her rise to power from simply tending bar with no expertise of any kind. She should be grateful to this country, but she isn’t and wants to change it dramatically.

All of her views are very extreme and communistic. Everyone is entitled to everything for free as a human right in her world.

AOC, as she is called, sees COVID deaths as racist.

It is true that there has been some imbalance against minorities in a crisis, but in no way is it as she described.

Reparations are ridiculous, but that is what she wants.

AOC is a very unhelpful member of Congress.



  1. She is a serious Marxist and one only has to look at the way she stares when she makes these types of statements to see the evil inside of her. Everybody on the right is laughing at her much like they laughed at that Bohemian Corporal (Hitler) early on in his political career. AOC represents the young Marxist Leftist mentality of the 21st Century and is NOT to be underestimated.

  2. A phony poser. Raised in the upscale Westchester community of Yorktown Heights. Wonder if she’s been on the ground in her community offering solace and solutions to her constituents.
    Our Congressman Lee Zeldin has been all over the district from the time the crisis broke.

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