BOE warns voters of illegal ballot harvesters in Maryland county


A county outside Baltimore is warning voters that someone or a group is illegally trying to collect Presidential General Election Ballots.

The Anne Arundel Board of Elections put out a statement:

“Please be advised, it has come to the attention of Anne Arundel County Board of Elections that someone/ group is unlawfully going door to door and trying to collect completely filled out Presidential General Election Ballots,” Anne Arundel County Board of Elections said in a statement. “

The Anne Arundel County Board of Elections would never send anyone, be they an Election Judge (volunteers), Election Officials (employees), or Voter Registration Volunteers to go into any neighborhoods to collect or help turn in ballots.”

“Should anyone come to you and tell you they would be glad to take your ballot to the nearest Official Drop Box please know they are not working for any local board of election offices. DO NOT GIVE A STRANGER YOUR BALLOT TO TURN IN FOR YOU,” the statement continued. “Contact the Anne Arundel County Board of Election right away. Our direct contact number is 410-222-6600. Should you need assistance to drop your ballot off at one of the Official Drop Boxes, ask a trusted family member to take you to one of the 32 locations in Anne Arundel County.”

How can this be? Democrats assured us that mail-in ballots are without question a safe and secure way to vote. Nothing can go wrong. Sending out ballots to everyone under the sun is a great idea, and letting people collect ballots is great too. Democrats said so.

The dropboxes will work nicely:

Of course, when the lawless ballot harvesters drop the ballots into a dropbox, who will check them, millions of them? Biden said they will be checked, but I have worked the pollis, and no, they won’t be.

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