D Senator: Putin’s Trump’s surrogate who will campaign for him while he’s ill


This is beyond nuts. Even after we found out that Hillary Clinton concocted the Trump-Russia collusion plot, Connecticut Senator Murphy still claims Trump is tied to Russian President Putin. Hillary, the DNC, and the FBI colluded with a suspected Russian spy who was investigated for two years.

Murphy actually said Trump’s surrogate is Vladimir Putin and he will campaign for him while he is laid up.

Senator Chris Murphy claims in the interview below with CNN’s ‘reporter’ Jim Sciutto that Russia is helping Trump with websites and trolls. The fake websites and trolls in 2016 were minuscule and, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, they had no effect and were trivial.

According to intel, China and Iran are supporting Joe Biden, but Murphy dismisses that in this clip.

We are not Russia. There is no evidence Putin is running anything. Russia has tried to interfere in our elections since at least the 1960s. Trump has been harder on Putin than any previous president.


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