Boeing’s moving 787 Production out of WA – far-left gov demands they come back


Boeing will move all production of the 787 Dreamliner out of Washington State to South Carolina and the far-far-left Governor of Washington State is not taking it well.

Washington is being destroyed by the far-left but that’s who the majority vote into office.

The pandemic has cut the demand for planes and they are leaving the Seattle area. It’s a good business move.

Boeing Co. BA 0.13% will set plans this week to consolidate 787 Dreamliner assembly in South Carolina, the WSJ reports.

The decision carries significant implications for the Seattle-area economy and Boeing’s unionized workforce around Puget Sound. It wasn’t clear over what period of time the consolidation would play out, or how many employees might be affected by the move. Boeing could announce the plans as soon as this week.

It announced plans in 2009 for a second line in North Charleston, S.C., a right-to-work state where attempts to unionize the workforce haven’t succeeded.

Barack Obama tried to prevent the move and, at the time, Boeing made a deal with the thuggish and overly-demanding union.

Basically, it’s Socialism/Communism driving companies out of Washington.


Governor Jay Inslee doesn’t care about the lunatics tearing up Seattle, but this has him worked up. He thinks he can order Boeing to bring those jobs back.

Don’t blame Boeing for this, blame Inslee.

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