Bolshevik Bernie blames his vicious Bernie Bros behavior on Russian bots


Bernie Bros — Bernie’s online supporters — are vicious. Sanders will not distance himself from these vile supporters. He simply makes general statements condemning violence in politics.

No one cared when Bernie supporters were going to President Trump’s rallies and starting near-riots. They were violent in person and very threatening online.

Now that it’s a primary and they are eating their own, people care and object.

Bernie Bros are even staffers:

Bernie was called out for it during the debate by Pete Buttigieg, and that is when he tried to say they were Russian bots.

Sanders became aggressive and suggested that, perhaps, the accounts creating chaos online were not real at all but, were instead, Russian bots.

“All of us remember 2016, and what we remember is efforts by Russians and others to interfere in our election and divide us up,” Sanders said, alluding to the theory that Russian hackers helped throw the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump. “I’m not saying that’s happening, but it would not shock me.”

The Daily Beast says it is not the case:

“There are not any Russian bots operating on here at the moment,” “a disinformation researcher” told the outlet. “It’s basically impossible at this point for them to operate on here. Twitter’s site integrity team has made it real boring for me. I have checked and checked and checked hashtags related to the primaries, and it’s just been really boring so far.”


Buttigieg Hit Him

“I think you have to accept some responsibility and ask yourself what it is about your campaign, in particular, that seems to be motivating this behavior more than others,” rival Pete Buttigieg told Sanders in the Las Vegas debate.

Critics say Sanders has allowed a toxic and sometimes misogynistic culture to thrive among his most fervent backers.

Women in the leadership of a Nevada union that opposes his health care agenda were overwhelmed last week with vulgar and threatening emails, phone calls and Twitter posts.

In the days following, Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Bloomberg all questioned Sanders’ commitment to curbing the abuse.

Warren said in an interview, “We are all responsible for our supporters, and we need to step up — that’s what leadership is all about,” she said.

We don’t really agree with that, but, if so, she needs to be held to that standard.

Warren told NBC News on Tuesday that she was especially concerned about the online assault against Geoconda Arguello-Kline, secretary-treasurer of Nevada’s powerful Culinary Workers Union, and the union spokeswoman Bethany Khan.

Sanders supporters called them “whore,” “bitch,” “corrupt” and “fascist” after the union released a flier criticizing the senator’s “Medicare-for-All” plan as a threat to the union’s health care benefits.

“That is not how we build an inclusive Democratic Party,” Warren said. “We do not build on a foundation of hate.”

She is disingenuous:

MSNBC analyst Steve Schmidt ripped into Sen. Bernie Sanders’ candidacy on Wednesday, indicating his supporters were “vile” and describing his would-be nomination as a death knell for Democrats.


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MoveOn’s Chief Public Affairs Officer Karine Jean-Pierre had said shortly beforehand that Sanders’ supporters acted in a “vile” way.

McCain Had to Straighten Out AOC

“View” co-host Meghan McCain told her audience what the “Bernie Bros” did to her while the ladies were interviewing guest Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. At first, O-Cortez resisted their complaints.

McCain told O-Cortez on Wednesday, “It is by far … the most violent, the most misogynistic, the most sexist, the most harmful — my mother has cried over doctored photos Bernie Brothers have sent me and I’m just one story.”

Ocasio-Cortez eventually agreed with co-host Whoopi Goldberg in saying that Sanders needed to speak out more about his supporters’ harassment.

This happens to the right constantly and no one cares at all.

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