Stone Sentence Is In and It’s a Surprise


As reported, Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson slammed Roger Stone this morning in court during a long sentencing hearing. In the end, she gave him a sentence of 40 months. He also has to pay a fine of $20,000.

That is a surprise. It’s a significant sentence, but it’s not 7 to 9 years. It is roughly the sentence the new Attorney General’s prosecutors recommended. Jackson probably wants to make this pardon-proof.

The judge was infuriated over a tweet of a photo of the judge with crosshairs over her head which Stone blamed on his staff. He apologized for that.

Judge Jackson called him a liar this morning and said he was totally aware of what he was doing when he threatened one ‘victim,’ Mr. Credico, who said he did not feel threatened. Stone threatened to kill his cat. Mr. Credico said it was just Stone being Stone. Credico begged the judge in a letter to take it easy on Stone and give him probation.

Stone never spoke during the hearing and showed no emotion when the sentence of three years and four months incarceration was read.

He has no First Amendment rights and the gag order put on him by the judge went much further than is customary. Whether it continues is hard to say. It should be lifted. [In an update, we found out that the gag order has not been lifted.]

Other liars with big mouths have escaped justice, but they were Democrats. The government did not prosecute liar Andrew McCabe, but he is special.

The next question is whether the President will pardon Stone or commute his sentence.

An unrepentant FALN terrorist was pardoned by Barack Obama. The rich criminal friend of Bill Clinton’s, Marc Rich, was pardoned.

If the President pardons Roger Stone or commutes the sentence, Democrats will likely impeach the President again. That’s conjecture of course.

Roger Stone is requesting a new trial and Judge Jackson says she’s not going to execute his sentence right away. He will not be incarcerated just yet since the Judge has to determine if a new trial is warranted. The DOJ is against a new trial even though the foreperson was wholly biased and lied about it when she was approved as a juror.

Many see this as a purely political prosecution.

The President retweeted this yesterday:

Stone As He Left Court

The Judge has bashed him for his behavior as a longtime political operative.

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