Bolton Explains New Syria Policy to Protect Kurds from Lunatic Erdogan!


National Security Adviser (NSA) John Bolton has made dramatic changes to President Trump’s plan for withdrawal from Syria. NBC News reports that the President will not withdraw American troops from northern Syria until the Turkish government guarantees they will not attack Syrian Kurds in the region.

Kurds have been our fierce and loyal allies in several fights, most recently in the battle against ISIS. Turkey’s dictator-president Tayyip Erdogan frequently attacks the Kurds and wants them annihilated.

NSA Bolton said Trump is demanding this and other conditions. The NSA is meeting with Israel officials today and Monday, and with Turkey on Tuesday.

President Trump originally said all U.S. forces would leave Syria immediately — there are 2200 troops in northern Syria and many more about six hours away. Since the President’s declaration, officials have said the withdrawal would go more slowly.

Bolton also said some troops would remain in southern Syria for some time.

There is also the matter of the Al Tanf garrison. It was a base to train fighters against ISIS at first, but now it is critical in diminishing the influence of Iran in the region. Bolton believes there is plenty of legal justification to keep the military at the base. ISIS could easily experience a resurgence, for one thing, although Iran is the focus at this point.

The U.S. will withdraw from northeastern Syria, Bolton assured reporters.


Erdogan wants to massacre the Kurds and considers them terrorists. He is the guy who locks up journalists who insult him.

He persecutes anyone who offends him.

A case in point is the U.S. basketball player from Turkey Enes Canter who cannot go to the U.K. to play for fear Erdogan will have him killed over his opposition to the man Canter calls the Turkish ‘Hitler’.

As Canter says, Erdogan’s a “lunatic,” a “maniac,” a “dictator.” Canter’s father, a professor in Turkey, has been fired and charged as a member of a terrorist group despite disavowing his son’s beliefs.

Enes’s Turkish passport has been revoked, and there is a warrant for his arrest. Erdogan has also targeted the rest of Enes’s family, neighbors, friends, and former classmates.

That is what happens when you lose your freedoms. Erdogan is a monster and he will attempt to massacre Kurds as Saddam Hussein once did. It’s only a matter of time.

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