More Bombshell Establishment News Nuked by Eric Bolling of Fox News


Michael Schmidt, the so-called NY Times journalist behind the alleged Trump-Comey Memo, told discredited news anchor, Brian Williams, that he has not seen the memo Comey allegedly wrote.

He never saw it!

In fact, Comey said the opposite on May 3rd. He clearly said the White House has not interfered.

Fox News host of the Fox News Specialists, Eric Bolling nuked the Times and the Post. In the video below, he exposes the lies by the media this past week alone.

Trump did not give away classified information and they did have a smoking gun. The news that ISIS was going to put bombs in laptops on planes is old news that is in the public domain, not the bombshell they thought they had.

The notes by Comey suggesting obstruction of justice by Trump was another farce. It turns out Comey sat on the notes for months. He himself denied obstruction of justice on May 3rd.

Bolling tells the NY Times and WaPo they should be ashamed of their reporting.

The WaPo fact checker actually posted the following tweet:

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