Bombshell Transcript: Biden had a secret deal in July to hide imminent Taliban threat


Reuters released a transcript today of a call between Afghanistan’s then-President Ashraf Ghani and Joe Biden during which they agreed to keep secret how badly things were going in the war against the Taliban.

Biden asked Ghani to create the “perception” that Ghani’s government could hold off the Taliban, whether “it’s true or not.”

“You know, I am a moment late. But I mean it sincerely. Hey look, I want to make it clear that I am not a military man any more than you are, but I have been meeting with our Pentagon folks, and our national security people, as you have with ours and yours, and as you know and I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban.

“And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

The call was on July 23rd and Kabul fell on August 15th.

Ghani pleaded with Biden for air support and money for the soldiers who hadn’t had a pay raise in ten years.

Biden had no intention of doing that. He only wanted this false perception out to deceive the people. The Taliban were racing to Kabul. Biden gave up Bagram on July 2nd. That’s a major airbase and the Afghan military needed US air support. They couldn’t win without air support. Biden had no intention of stopping the Taliban and wanted his photo-op for ending the Afghanistan war. Nothing would get in his way.

Perhaps he wanted to support the Taliban to make that happen.  In the least he let it happen. Why did Biden and his entire staff go on vacation by Friday the 13th? Kabul fell on Sunday, August 15th.

The administration, known liars, keep saying everyone was taken by surprise. This transcript proves it was a lie. It also shows Biden is more cognizant than we give him credit for. As for his staff, the people are WOKE but they’re not stupid. They have impressive degrees from renowned universities. They knew, and they are lying.

Today, Jake Sullivan made it clear he wants to give the Taliban aid – so-called humanitarian aid. What is that about? Was there a deal here?

The Taliban will use the money for terrorism.

Why were the Taliban allowed to stop citizens and SIVs and others who helped us from getting to the airport? Every one of our allies went out and got their citizens and allies but not the US.

The allies begged the US to extend the deadline so they could get everyone, but Biden wouldn’t do it. Why?

What was the deal with the Taliban?

Biden left our service members, Afghans, and allies in harm’s way. It sounds like a war crime.

Watch Sullivan talk of aid to terrorists who are now slaughtering people:



  1. Remember how many times we heard about bombshell leaks targeting President Trump that proved to be nothing burgers? Well this leak exposing Biden’s duplicity is the real McCoy, and I’m thinking it being released on the same day of his delusional speech is no accident. Looks like Joe’s gonna have to watch his “6”. This will be a joy to watch.

  2. The Derp State is ready for the stalking horse the Kamal?
    The controlled demolition and Fundamental Transformation into Zimbabwe will continue.
    Keep morale up by any means necessary.

  3. I’m not impressed with Donohue. Big Deal, so CBP and DHS were there. Clearly they weren’t thoroughly vetting the applicants.

  4. @ Greg,

    Preezy of the Steezy day is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy and won’t return until the Kamal is anointed as the One 2.0 with immaculation by Imam Hussein the Chicago Jesus Messiah who will hand over his divine right of kings scepter.
    Ever notice how the Truth is Out There screen from X-Files shows a cross out in the desert?
    Paul Harvey knows and Winston Churchill watches a random Mark Dice beachfront poll video while laughing his ass off and wishing for a cigar and brandy.

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