Bombshell Tucker report on Hunter, Swalwell, election rigging


Nancy Pelosi knew that a Chinese Communist Party spy compromised eric Swalwell, and she still gave him a spot on the House Intelligence Committee. Eric Swalwell said top leadership knew, and they haven’t denied it.

The spy, Fang Fang, aka Christine Fang, was a close friend of Swalwell’s. How close is unclear.

What is clear is Swalwell has been a fierce fighter for China’s Communists, even as he sat on the Intelligence Committee.

He had a personal relationship with the spy, and she put plants in political offices. All of the Democrat leadership knew about his relationship. Nancy Pelosi will not tell the media how long she knew.

Eric Swalwell must step down from the committees he sits on, and he needs to be investigated. He is likely compromised.

Swalwell is married with children, and if he slept with this spy, he could easily be blackmailed. Fang has slept with two mayors, and according to the Axios investigation, there is far worse information about Swalwell that he is trying to keep from publication.

When the FBI found out Swalwell’s bundler is a Chinese spy, they warned him instead of trying to turn her. They didn’t do that for Donald Trump.

The FBI let her leave the country. Apparently, it’s not illegal for the Chinese spy to fund Swalwell’s rise to Congress. [They are so corrupt.]

As for Swalwell, he is more concerned about who leaked this than the actual collusion with a Chinese spy.


Tucker discussed the Hunter Biden case hidden by the media and the FBI for months. The Biden family is compromised. We knew about Hunter’s corrupt dealings with China in October, but the public didn’t know. You weren’t allowed to report on it.

Joe Biden falsely claimed all the information about Hunter was Russian disinformation. The real threat against the United States has not been Russia for decades. It has been China.

Russia has the budget of New Jersey and can’t do much against the USA.

We might start hearing a lot about Hunter and the Biden family corruption. Many Democrats want Joe Biden out of his new role as President. They want to get right to Kamala and her sponsors at Google running the country.

With the blessing of Joe Biden, Hunter made direct deals with members of the Communist Party of China. We have known about that for months.

Democrats and their reporters lied to the American public and rigged the election by doing so.

Watch the full expose by Tucker during his monologue Wednesday night:


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