Joe, the Good Catholic, picked a radical pro-abortion lover for HHS


If you want to know how extreme left Dr. Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden are, just watch Fauci praise Good Catholic Joe Biden’s extreme choice to lead HHS. The candidate, Xavier Becerra, is a radical leftist who opposes Christians at every opportunity.

Dr. Fauci said of the very extreme Xavier Becerra, “He’s a fine person, I’m very pleased with that selection.”

Perhaps that is why Fauci is okay with Maoists in China and agrees with their Draconian lockdowns. He is an extreme leftist himself.

Becerra is a culture warrior for the radical left who will be in charge of America’s health care. In his past positions, he has followed the most extreme abortion policies and persecuted anyone who tried to do otherwise.

He opposed a bill making it a crime to assault a pregnant woman and kill her baby. He fought against making it a crime to kill an infant in a nursery who survived an abortion. Becerra was against any laws opposing the cruel partial-birth abortion practices.  He pursued felony charges against an undercover journalist uncovering Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling baby parts. He brought felony charges against the journalist for exposing PP.

Becerra defends attacks against Christians. He will be back persecuting The Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby.

The former top ‘law’ officer has undermined all religious freedom and consistently goes to court to stop laws protecting conscience beliefs.


As attorney general, he abandoned all fairness to do the bidding of his extremist abortion patrons. He violated the law to do the bidding of Planned Parenthood.

Watch this:

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