Bombshell video of CNN on directive to get Trump out and Biden in


It’s absurd to consider CNN as a news network. In the clip below, you can watch a director admit the goals of the network were to spew propaganda to remove Donald Trump and install Biden. CNN’s like Pravda, perhaps worse. By now, everyone except the fact-checkers, who are all left-wing hacks, know that CNN is just an activist outfit for the hard-left, and their staff are leftist hacks.

The video does show how far these leftists were willing to go to get him out of office and fill the spot with the barely conscious Joe Barack Biden.

CNN employees admit to taking stories about nothing and making them into a several-day news cycle to get Biden into the presidency. The directive came from the top, which would be leftist Jeff Zucker.

They picked on Trump but worked to make Biden look young, healthy, competent, and even cool – everything he is not.

While putting doctors on air to diagnose imaginary Trump illnesses, the Communist News Network ignored Biden-Bama’s illnesses.

Hunter Biden was censored while fake Russia’s helping Trump stories were discussed.

According to the Project Veritas video, CNN will push COVID subsidies and then move on to fake climate change stories. It will apparently dominate their coverage.

CNN is just a political arm of the hard-left Democrat Party.

The future of news is in alternative news sites. We can’t get the truth from legacy media. It is just not possible.


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